Visual and Performing Arts

As a community of artists, we model and promote positive actions to create safe environments for all people. The Visual and Performing Arts Department affirms the commitment to be active in: the creation of a welcoming community; the defense of the rights of all; and a continuing and unwavering condemnation for all forms of bias and oppression. We support and work to create a culture of gratitude for people of all race, gender, age, abilities, national origin, religion, and sexual orientation.

The Visual and Performing Arts Department (VPA) at Luther College fosters the development of creative abilities by engaging students at the intersections of theory and practice in theatre, dance, and the visual arts. The goal of our collective programs is to prepare students with the adaptive, creative, and collaborative tools and skills needed to navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing world. VPA programs live within the Center for the Arts, an integrative environment that welcomes and encourages all students - majors, minors, and non-majors - to bring their academic and personal experiences to our creative and performative spaces to examine, enact, embody, and develop new ideas and means of expression in order to enrich and inform any field of endeavor. 

We are housed in the Center for the Arts building on campus. This helps promote artistic interaction between our students. Our building is known for the activity and energy of artists creating new work.


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Luther now offers an Individualized Interdisciplinary major in Movement Fundamentals.

Certification in Movement Fundamentals is highly recommended with this specialized major. For information about becoming certified, visit the professional website.