Work Study Positions

Scene Shop

Working in the scene shop is a wonderful way to get hands-on set building experience at Luther. Students work directly with Tom Berger, our theatre and dance technical director, and with Jeff Dintaman, our designer, to create sets for theatre and dance productions, as well as the Christmas at Luther backdrops.

"I love working in the scene shop because it gives me a chance to be involved in the arts all year round, regardless of my other commitments."

-Jonathan Kuehner '20

Costume Shop

Students have the opportunity to work in our costume shop, creating costumes for Luther theatre productions.

"Working in the costume shop has helped me expand my creative tool kit by learning new techniques for building costumes and props for the MainStage productions. I also love that I am able to have some creative freedom within each task and can create something new and different every day."

-Claire Twedt '21

One of our student workers talked about his unique experiences in the costume shop here!

Communications and Marketing Coordinator and Assistant

As the communications and marketing coordinator, a student gets to learn what it's like to work for a real theatre company. These students oversee creation of posters, production meetings for shows, and are in charge of all marketing for the theatre and dance shows on campus.

"My work study is incredibly important to me because I get to become close with the directors and members of the creative team for each show. Being responsible for setting deadlines and guidelines is something I really enjoy doing; I get to feel like I'm really helping out with the process of the play."

-Morgan Fanning '20

Web Content Liaison

Although this position is technically part of the Luther College Marketing team, it fits perfectly into the Visual and Performing Arts Department. Students interested in web programing and design have the opportunity to work with the Visual and Performing Arts Department faculty and staff to maintain websites which reflect the goals and priorities of the department as a whole.

"I love my position because I get to do all of the behind the scenes work to bring students to Luther. I get to create websites and put up pictures that I think will appeal to prospective students since I was one not too long ago!"

-Grace Huber '20

Graphic Designers

Art students interested in graphic design can try their hand at creating posters and other graphics for the art, dance, and theatre programs at Luther. All of the posters for the mainstage productions are created by students in these positions!

"Working in my field of study on projects for the VPA has been a wonderful experience! I get to create posters, fliers, postcards, etc. that further the art of friends and classmates on campus."

-Megan Stevenson '22; VPA Graphic Designer


Some of the professors in the Visual and Performing Arts Department have assistants who help with anything from classroom organization, to administrative duties, and compiling or creating class materials.

"I love my position because I get lots of cool experience doing things I wouldn't otherwise do. I'm an undecided major, so it's really fun for me to be in a real world job that's often about theatre, which I'm really interested in, but also just shows me what life is like as a Luther professor."

-Alex Schlesinger '21; Assistant to Jeff Dintaman