Student Studio Spaces

Private Studio Space for Art Majors (CFA 210)

Each Senior Art major pursuing a Senior Project in Art will have a designated Private Studio space for the entire academic year. These senior Art majors will be assigned a space after registering for ART 490 Senior Project: Research. Those assignments typically go out by early August so that returning senior Art majors can plan what they will bring to campus before Fall classes begin. 

During years or semesters where there may be open spaces, a call will go out to all other Art majors to put in a bid for those open spaces. Studio Art faculty will ultimately convene and decide which Art majors will be awarded a space for the year or semester depending on availability. Top consideration will be given to Art majors who excel in their studio coursework and who contribute and participate heavily in the Art Program via attendance to various art events and activities in the CFA. 

Studio Rules

Violation of these rules may result in the loss of your studio space, or hinder your ability to have a studio space in the future at Luther. If there is damage to the studio that requires facilities to restore the space, students will be responsible to pay for the damage.

  1. Respect the communal studio environment, both the space and your peers.
  2. Do not “borrow” materials from the department or your peers.
  3. Take advantage of your studio space.  If you don’t use it, you lose it.
  4. Put all tools away and clean up after yourself.
  5. Common working areas are shared space.  Do not leave your tools or work in these spaces.
  6. At the end of the academic year or semester, reset the studio space to its original state. Remove all work, materials, tools, and anything else you have brought in.