Sarah Nance '09

Art and Women and Gender Studies

Sarah Nance graduated Luther in 2009, and went on to get her MFA at the University of Oregon, where she currently teaches in the Department of Art. In 2013, she was granted a several month residency in Reykjavík and Skagaströnd, Iceland, where she pursued her interests in natural light and its ephemeral presence. Her choice of media revolves around sculpture, drawing and installation art.

Did you come to Luther College with the intention of majoring in Art?

I came to Luther College as an art and music major. Luther uniquely offered a strong program in both. I’d met with an art professor during a tour of campus. She told me that, while specialized schools may offer a more extensive art program, the liberal arts education at Luther would give me something to say in my work.

What led you to where you are now? How does your Art major inform your career, or how did it help you get to where you are?

I moved to Oregon to pursue my MFA in art. In the fall, I spent a few months in Iceland as an artist-in-residence. Luther had given me a taste of living abroad during an art history J-Term class, and I wanted to build on that experience. It was incredible to have time and space solely devoted to being a working artist and it led to a lot of new discoveries.

What advice would you give to an art student at Luther today?

My advice to students would be to start figuring out what drives you to make work, and cultivate that. Establish regular time in the studio, but pursue your interests outside the department as well—it will inform your work and help you discover new territory.


More information about Sarah Nance and her recent work can be found on her website