Note: Internship applications due to WGST director by November 1 for January and spring internships, and April 1 for summer and fall internships.


Each Women and Gender Studies (WGST) Major will complete a 2-credit hour internship. Students must have had at least two WGST courses before completing an internship. Requirements for successful completion of an internship are:

  • Completed application given to WGST director, approved by the WGST Board. 
  • A 6-8 page quality paper completed after the internship that reflects on and evaluates the internship site and learning experience in light of WGST courses taken by the student.
  • Public presentation of the internship experience in the form of a speech, brown bag, or poster. Please consult these guidelines for public presentation.

Set-up and administration

You’re responsible for applying directly to the organization you choose to intern with. The Career Center staff are happy to help with this process.

Consult with WGST director, faculty and Career Center staff about available internships. You may also visit our Internship Opportunities page. As you work on lining up the internship, consult with a faculty member or WGST director to serve as your faculty advisor. Fill out the Internship Application Form online. Go to the Career Center and pick up a registration form. Once you receive WGST Board approval of your application, have your faculty supervisor sign and return the registration form to the Career Center. This process needs to start during the semester prior to the internship.

Your internship site supervisor will submit an evaluation, but your grade will be assigned by your faculty advisor.