Student Organizations

Luther College Feminists

Meets Tuesdays at 8pm in Bunsche, Union. Contact Grace Coletta, the communication liaison, at [email protected]. You can also join them on Facebook

It is Luther College Feminists' mission to address the intersection of gender, race, sexuality and culture by initiating positive change in all social spaces. We believe in equal rights between women and men on all social, political and economic levels. Luther College Feminists is a group of students determined to make the campus and the community aware of the issues all women face, including but not limited to: sexual assault, sexual harassment, economic discrimination, reproductive health, the portrayal of female sexuality, and sexism.

Luther College Feminists Constitution

The student-led and initiated organization on Luther College campus displays its constitution for accessibility reasons. We believe members, interested people, and all others should know where we stand within the system.


Meets Wednesdays at 8 p.m. in the Mott room of the Student Union. Contact by email at [email protected].

People for Rights, Inclusion, and Diversity of Expression (PRIDE) is a college organization which promotes principles concerning the fair and just treatment of LGBTQIA+ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally) persons in the Luther community and society as a whole. We provide a support network and educational resources for LGBTQIA+ persons on campus and in the local community. By encouraging political change at local, state, and national levels, we hope to help create a fairer and just world for people of all sexual orientations, sexual preferences, and gender identifications. For more information, please visit the PRIDE website.