Faculty Associated with the Program

Maryna Nading

Professor of Anthropology

Education: Ph.D., Anthropology, SUNY Albany; M.A., Anthropology, State University of New York at Albany; B.A., English Philology and Translation, Technological University of Podillia

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Olga Michels

Professor of Chemistry

Department head

Education: Ph.D., Physical Organic Chemistry, University of Victoria; B.Sc., Chemistry and Mathematics, McMaster University

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Kate Elliott

Dean of Student Success

Course Topics: Nineteenth-century American art, art of the American West, Native American art, the history of photography

Education: Ph.D. in American Art History, University of Iowa; M.A. in Art History, University of Iowa; B.A in Art History and Studio Art, St. Olaf College

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Wanda Deifelt

Professor of Religion

Education: Ph.D., Joint Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and Northwestern University Doctoral Program; M.T.S., Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary; B.A., Faculdade de Teologia, Escola Superior de Teologia

Research Interests: Contextual Christian Theologies (particularly feminism and liberation), Reformation, Ecumenism, Interdisciplinary Studies on Embodiment, and Interfaith Dialogue

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Carly Foster

Professor of Political Science

Education: Ph.D. Political Science, University of Kansas; M.A. Political Science, University of Kansas; Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies, University of Kansas; B.A. Political Science, University of Kansas

Carly Hayden Foster joined the Luther College Political Science in 2015 and is currently chair of the Political Science Department. She has also taught at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (2007-2015) and Washington State University (2006-2007). Dr. Foster earned her Ph.D. in Political Science (2005) and Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies (2004) from the University of Kansas.

Dr. Foster teaches courses on social policy, constitutional law, gender and politics, political thought, and the Iowa Caucuses. Dr. Foster’s research interests center on gender and race as they relate to law, policy and politics. She has published work on gender and race in welfare policy, health policy, child welfare policy, elections, and political organizations.

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Janna Edrington

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Education: DNP student candidate, Nursing Practice, University of Minnesota; M.S., Nursing, University of Phoenix; B.S., Nursing, Graceland University

Jane Hawley

Professor of Dance

Education: M.F.A., Performance and Choreography, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Certificate Program, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre School; Personal Well-Being, Windemere Institute for Healing Arts; B.A., Theatre, Luther College

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Thomas Johnson

Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Education: Ph.D., Communication Studies, University of Minnesota; M.A., Communication Studies, University of Minnesota; B.A., Communication, Saint John’s University

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Lise Kildegaard

Professor of English

Education: Ph.D., M.A., English, University of Chicago; B.A., English, Carleton College

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Anna Peterson

Associate Professor of History

On leave:  Spring 2020, Fall 2020

Education: Ph.D., History, Ohio State University; M.A., History, University of North Dakota; B.A., Scandinavian Studies, Concordia College

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Martin Klammer

Professor of English

Education: Ph.D., M.A., English, University of Iowa; M.A., English, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago; B.A., Honors English, University of Oregon

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Lindsey Row-Heyveld

Associate Professor of English

Education: Ph.D., M.A., Department of English, University of Iowa; B.A., English, Greenville College

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Charlotte Kunkel

Professor of Sociology

Education: Ph.D., Sociology, University of Colorado-Boulder; B.A., Summa Cum Laude, St. Cloud State University

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Holly Moore

Associate Professor Philosophy and Identity Studies

Education: Ph.D., Philosophy, DePaul University; M.A., Philosophy, Villanova University; B.A., Pennsylvania State University

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Kim Powell


Education: Ph.D., Speech Communication, The University of Georgia; M.A., Communication Studies, Northern Illinois University; B.S., Communication Studies, Berry College

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Stephanie Travers

Associate Professor of Psychology

Education: Ph.D., State University of New York-Stony Brook; M.A., Stony Brook University; B.A., University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; A.A., Bristol Community College

Amy Weldon

Professor of English

Education: Ph.D, M.A., English, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; B.A., English and Journalism, Auburn University

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Novian Whitsitt

Professor of Africana Studies and English

Education: Ph.D, African Languages and Literature, M.A., African Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison; B.A., International Relations, University of California-L.A.

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Jacqueline Wilkie


Education: D.A., American Social History and Curriculum Design, Carnegie-Mellon University; M.A., American History, Northeastern University; B.A., Social Science and Secondary Education, College of Saint Rose

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Marian Kaehler


Education: Ph.D., Biochemistry, Michigan State University; B.A., Chemistry and Biology, Gustavus Adolphus College