Learning Goals

Learning goals are personalized to each student

As a major in communication studies you will learn to:

  • Identify the central thesis of a written, aural or video text and to critically analyze arguments.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a message by applying practical communication theory.
  • Access information through research, and evaluate the quality and usefulness of that information.
  • Analyze an audience and situation, and adapt a message appropriately.
  • Write skillfully, with logical structure and coherent style, for a variety of situations and media.
  • Speak clearly, effectively and extemporaneously before a live audience or on camera.
  • Be aware of the ethical implications of persuasion skills.
  • Understand the role of communication in a democratic society.

Communication studies was not just a degree for me. It taught me to see the world with a critical eye.

—Shelby Nelson '15