Building Maps

Preus Library has three floors that are accessible to the public. You enter the library on the second floor, or main floor. This second floor houses the Circulation and Reserve Desks, the Research and Technology Help Desks, and the Writing Center.

The lower floor houses the Curriculum Library, Faculty Carrels, Student Academic Support Services, TRIO, and the Digital Media Center, in addition to small group and individual study spaces.

The upper floor houses the Archives Reading Room, the Rare Book Room, and gallery space, in addition to small group and individual study space.

Most of our books and periodicals are shelved on the upper and lower floors using the Library of Congress call number system.

Preus Library - Main Floor (2nd Floor)

Preus Library Main Floor Map


Preus Library - Lower Floor (1st Floor)

Preus Library Lower Floor Map


Preus Library - Upper Floor (3rd Floor)

Preus Library Upper Floor Map