Field School

Field School

Luther College Archaeological Field School

The Luther College archaeological field school is a summer course (offered alternate years) designed to provide students with a comprehensive background in archaeological field methods while participating in an ongoing research program into the prehistoric and early historic indigenous occupations of northeastern Iowa. The Upper Iowa valley has a rich archaeological heritage that spans over ten millennia of human occupation. As a consequence this area provides a ‘natural laboratory’ for examining the long-term changes in the cultural expressions of the people who inhabited this area.  

Field school activities include both identifying previously unknown archaeological sites, documenting previously recorded locations,  as well as conducting excavations on known prehistoric and/or early historic sites in order to provide more details concerning the lifeways of the region’s inhabitants.

In the process of investigating this general research topic, students will become proficient in all facets of archaeological field practice. In addition to training in survey and excavation methods, instruction will be given in site mapping using a total station and data collector as well as a Trimble GPS device. All of the participants will also learn the essential aspects of archaeology laboratory procedures, including the processing of flotation samples.  

Dates: June 1 - June 25, 2021. The course will meet daily M-F from 8 am - 5 pm
Requirements: Anthropology 104; registration requires consent of the instructor.   
Cost: TBD: includes tuition, transportation and equipment/supplies. Housing and meals are not provided but can be arranged through the college.   

For more information contact Colin Betts