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The success of the Body of Water Performance and Project provides evidence for what can be achieved when art and science are woven together, for it creates an end product more powerful than the sum of its parts—one that can reach broader audiences and foster deeper connections. Adding the arts to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) creates STEAM. In support of STEAM and continuing the Body of Water message, the following are opportunities:

Body of Water Performance

The Body of Water Performance is adaptable to different environments and spaces, and the concepts presented in this work are applicable to all types of bodies of water. If your community or organization has an interest in hosting a Body of Water performance, please contact us by completing the form on this page.

Body of Water Workshop

Body of Water Workshops can take a variety of forms depending on your community's or organization's interests. Our aim is to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools to use both science and art as mechanisms to address our water challenges. In addition, we highlight the potential for using bodily movement as a science educational tool. We are open to your goals and imagination! Potential workshop content:

  • Sharing scientific concepts and research practices that inspired Body of Water
  • Exploring local body of water challenges, including a possible water monitoring experience
  • Learning and experiencing how science content can inspire and result in bodily movements and scores, and how these movements can impact knowledge and feeling for both mover and observer.  For example:
  • How can one experience and understand water through body movement?  How is the emotional connection to water impacted by this experience?
  • How can body movements be used to communicate and deepen meaning of other scientific concepts?  How can movement be used as an educational tool for our children, who are largely confined to static learning environments behind desks?

Potential workshop hosts: educational institutions, youth organizations, urban, agricultural, and  conservation groups, retirement communities, faith-based communities, etc. Please complete the form on this page if interested.

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