General Camp Information

High School Volleyball

High School Camp Information

High School Camp: for students entering grades 10, 11, 12 in the fall of 2022, and 2022 high school graduates

Camp Dates: June 19-25, 2022

Dorian Office: [email protected], 563-387-1389

Camp Director: Andrew Last

Dean of Students: Shelly Schaeufele


  • Luther College, 700 College Drive, Decorah, IA 52101
  • Registration takes place in the Jenson-Noble Hall of Music

COVID-19 Information

We are thrilled to be returning to in-person summer programming at Luther College! For summer programs that involve overnight housing, there are additional requirements in place this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

Any students attending 2022 summer athletic and music programs that involve overnight housing on Luther College's campus will be required to submit either:

1) proof of a COVID-19 vaccination
2) proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of arrival.

We will be using the CDC's definition of fully vaccinated, which at the moment is:

  • 2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or
  • 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson and Johnson's Janssen vaccine.

If the CDC's definition of fully vaccinated changes between now and the summer of 2022, we will align with their definition. Anyone who is not fully vaccinated will still have the option to submit a negative COVID-19 test result to attend a summer program that involves overnight housing.

This vaccination/testing information will be gathered at registration on the morning of the program that you have registered for. We will not be storing individual vaccination or testing records, we will simply be checking off that all attendees met the requirement by submitting one of these records. Attendees who fail to provide this information will not be permitted to attend their summer program.

Masking requirements will be determined closer to the time of the summer program events.


    • The 2022 camp fee is $575.
    • The total camp fee will include tuition, evening activities, room, and board. Optional private lessons are available at an additional cost of $45 for a set of two 30-minute lessons.
    • A minimum $50 deposit is required with initial enrollment.
    • The remainder of the camp fee can be paid at any time by logging into your Parent Dashboard.
    • The remainder of the camp fee is due on registration day and can be paid by cash, check, or the credit card on your Parent Dashboard.


      • Since faculty, staff, meal, and residence hall costs are fixed the day that enrollment is set, we cannot refund camper fees due to early departure for any reason from the camp.
      • The $50 deposit required for enrollment will not be refunded
      • If notified of enrollment cancellation before registration day, all fees paid above the $50 deposit will be refunded. If notified on registration day, or if not notified at all, none of the fees will be refunded.

      Private Lessons:

      • Students who desire private lessons will add an additional fee for each set of two half-hour lessons. Private lessons are available for piano, organ, voice, percussion, brass, woodwind, strings, dance, jazz improvisation, and composition.
      • A student may sign up for up to two different sets of lessons
      • Lessons take place either during a student's free period, or during a large ensemble rehearsal if the student or faculty member's schedule requires it.
      • Students registering for private lessons must bring copies of their own music for solos and/or etude material, preferably prescribed by your current teacher.


      • Sunday, June 19, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
      • All registrations take place in the Jenson-Noble Hall of Music.
      • Each family will be assigned a specific audition and registration time that will be emailed and posted online before camp begins.
      • If any student will be late coming to camp, let the Dorian office know well in advance by emailing [email protected]


      • Campers registered for Concert Band or string players registered for Symphony Orchestra are automatically members of these groups, however students will have to perform a chair-placement audition during the Sunday registration process.
      • Chair placement auditions for Concert Band and Orchestra are held from approximately noon to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 19.
      • Wind, brass, and percussion students may also audition to be a member of the Symphony Orchestra during their audition.
      • Participation in the Jazz Band is by audition only. If the jazz audition is on the same instrument as the Concert Band instrument, the auditions will be combined. If the jazz audition is on a different instrument, a separate jazz audition will be scheduled.
      • An audition is required for Jazz Band.  Students auditioning for the rhythm section of the jazz band should prepare a piece of any style that demonstrates their technical ability on their instrument.  Students auditioning for the rhythm section will also be asked to sightread a piece of music as part of their audition.
      • An audition is required for Chamber Choir. There is nothing that can be prepared ahead for this audition.
      • Auditions for Chamber Choir will be held between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 19.
      • Auditions for the Jazz Band rhythm section will be held after the all-camper meeting at 6:45 p.m. on Sunday, June 19.
      • Instrumentalists should come with one prepared piece to play for each audition. Please choose something that showcases the student's best abilities and demonstrates tone, range, technique, and musicality. An excerpt from a longer work is okay.
      • Accompaniment will not be provided, nor is it necessary.
      • Scales may be required as part of the audition to determine the student's tone and range on their instrument.
      • Sight-reading may be required as part of the audition to allow for the most accurate chair placements.
      • No auditions are needed for students registered for Choir, Beginner Ukulele, Keyboard Workshop, Musical Theater Workshop, Percussion Ensemble, or Woodwind Choir.


      • All students will be housed in the college residence halls.
      • Each student must bring sheets, blankets, pillow and towels. The mattresses are extra-long twin, so flat twin sheets will work, but fitted twin sheets will not. Sleeping bags are acceptable.
      • Group bathrooms contain toilets and individual shower stalls.
      • The rooms are not air-conditioned, so we recommend bringing a fan.
      • Room assignments will be made prior to registration with no changes after arrival, and no last-minute roommate requests. 
      • Residence halls are locked at all times and a curfew will be enforced.
      • An electronic key card serves as both the residence hall key and the cafeteria meal card. A separate room key will be assigned to each camper.
      • If a camper loses his/her electronic key card, a $10 charge will be assessed.
      • If a camper loses his/her dorm room key, a $40 charge will be assessed.


      • All meals will be served in the Student Union Cafeteria. The first meal will be served at supper on the first camp day (Sunday); the last meal will be lunch on the final camp day (Saturday). 
      • Students will receive a meal/key card at registration, which they must present at each meal.
      • Food allergies are part of everyday life at Luther College, so the food service understands and regularly prepares food to accommodate many different allergies. We can put you in contact with a food service staff member if you have specific, serious questions or concerns.

      Instruments and Stands:  

      • All instrumentalists: Bring a music stand, well-marked with your name and address.
      • Percussion: Only bass drum, timpani, mallet percussion instruments, drum sets, and amplifiers will be furnished by the college. Bring your own mallets and snare drum.
      • Double Bass/cello: If you normally use a rock stop, bring it to camp. Cellos and double basses must be provided by the camper, but please reach out well in advance of camp if this is an issue.
      • Other instruments: Bring your own instrument and equipment (neck straps, mouthpieces, reeds, oils, mutes, rosin, strings, etc.). Reeds, oils, strings, etc. will be available from West Music in Decorah if needed, but plan to bring your own. Camp staff will visit the store and make purchases on the students' behalf.

      Clothing and Uniform:  

      • Casual clothing is recommended during classes and rehearsals: shorts, t-shirts, sandals, etc. 
      • Bare midriffs and low necklines and short skirts are not appropriate during rehearsals, classes, or performances. 
      • Concert attire is blouses or shirts and nice pants (no blue jeans) or long skirts.  Bare midriffs, low necklines, and short skirts are not appropriate concert attire.  All black or black and white clothing is standard performance attire, but these colors are not required for the concerts.
      • Bring a swimsuit, as Friday night we go to the outdoor city swimming pool. 
      • It’s always a good idea to pack a raincoat for the week as well.

      Other Items to Bring

      • Sheets (XL Twin is the mattress size), blanket, and pillow
      • Toiletries, towels, washcloth, hangers, alarm clock, fan (residence halls are not air conditioned), snacks
      • Students may wish to bring money for instrument repairs, the college bookstore, or miscellaneous optional activities (for example, supervised walk to Whippy Dip for ice cream)
      • Do not bring along skateboards, rollerblades, hoverboards, or any unnecessary electronic items that you are worried about damaging or losing.
      • Do not bring along alcohol, drugs, or any illegal substances. Bringing these items along with you will result in immediate dismissal from camp.


      • The Luther campus is typically very safe, but good common sense is always appropriate. 
      • No campers are allowed off campus at any time unless accompanied by a counselor.
      • The residence halls are locked 24/7, but are accessible to campers by way of their electronic key/meal card.
      • Each camper will have a key to his/her room in the residence hall.
      • The room doors should be kept locked, to ensure security within the residence halls
      • Problems can be reported at any time to counselors, other camp staff, other Luther staff, or the Luther Security Office.
      • The Luther College campus security number is 563-387-2111.

      Health Services:  

      • Two staff Registered Nurses have regular hours during which campers can be seen, as well as being available on an "as-needed" basis at other times.
      • Parents or guardians will be notified of any necessary medical treatment at the Health Service, doctor's office, or hospital. 
      • All medication, hospital, and clinic visits will be at the student's own expense.
      • Three camp health forms must be filled out on your Parent Dashboard prior to June 1.
      • Please remember to bring any necessary prescription medications. Students with a history of asthma should bring an inhaler and/or medication.
      • A tetanus booster in the last ten years is required for those attending camp. Students should be up-to-date with routine immunizations.
      • A private conversation with the camp nurses is part of the on-campus registration process. At this time, health forms will be reviewed and health concerns will be discussed. Health information about campers is confidential, and will be made available only on a need-to-know basis during the week of camp.
      • The camp nurses should be made aware of any chronic illness that requires special care or awareness from the staff. 

      Mail for Campers during Camp:

      • Mail received at Luther for campers is distributed each evening. Send to:
        Attn: Student Name
        Dorian Summer Music Camp
        700 College Dr.
        Decorah, Iowa, 52101.
      • Mail should be sent before Tuesday of camp week to arrive at Luther before the end of camp.

      Student Transportation:  

      • Any students driving their own vehicles to the campus must leave their keys with the head counselors for the entire camp week. Violators will be sent home.  
      • Students are not to arrive on campus before the first day of camp.

      Cell Phones:

      • Cell phones are allowed.  
      • Phones and other electronic devices must be turned off during classes, rehearsals or performances, or they will be confiscated and not returned until the end of camp.
      • If an emergency exists and you must contact your son or daughter, call or email the Dorian Office at 563-387-1389 or [email protected]. For serious after-hours emergencies, contact the Luther College information desk at 563-387-2111.

      Camp Regulations:

      • Camp regulations are few but, for obvious reasons, must and will be strictly enforced. Campers unable to abide by these regulations will be asked to return home. 
      • It is expected that students will always be at the location the schedule calls for at any given time of the day or night, including rehearsals, classes, lessons, etc. 
      • "LIGHTS OUT!" means students are in their rooms by the indicated time with the lights out and quiet.
      • Alcoholic beverages, drugs, smoking, and vaping are strictly forbidden
      • There will be no inter-residence hall visitation between male and female campers. 
      • College policy states that an individual is required to make restitution for any property damage done by that individual in residence hall rooms or other college property. 
      • Since your residence hall room will be occupied by another individual the night following your departure, leave your room as you found it when you arrived.
      • Counselors have been instructed to report any infractions of these rules to the Dean of Students.

      Final Day of Camp:

      • The first concert will begin at 1:00 and will feature the small ensembles (Chamber Choir, Jazz Band, and Handbell Choir)
      • The second concert will begin at 2:30 and will feature the large ensembles (Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, and Choir)
      • Concerts are free and open to the public
      • Students must be packed up and checked out of their rooms prior to noon.
      • The residence halls will be closed during the concerts.

      Miscellaneous Information:

      Student Recital/Variety Show:  

      • Anyone interested in performing in the camp variety show or a student recital should come prepared. 
      • Accompanists will be furnished if you wish. 
      • All selections must be prepared in advance of auditions held early in camp week.

      Camp T-shirts will be available at registration for $10.   

      CD Recordings will be made of all Saturday's final concerts. Order forms will be available at the concerts.