Before adding an event in Reason, make sure you have followed the official Schedule a Campus Event process to schedule your event and check the main events calendar to avoid duplicates.

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The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for creating events in Luther College’s content management system, Reason.

Every site owner can create events for their given site. For example, may have its own calendar with music-specific events.

Site owners can indicate if their events should be “shareable.” Shareable events are pulled into a site-wide calendar located at Users of this calendar can narrow down their search by date, keyword, category, and audience.

Learn more: Watch the Reason Events Tutorial on YouTube.

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General Guidelines

The following fields are available for a Reason event (note that Athletics has a custom form, so it will be slightly different):

Field Guidelines Example
Event Title See individual site guidelines Gospel Sunday
Brief Description of Event Short description – appears immediately following Event Title. Join us for the annual Luther College Gospel Sunday.
Location Select building name and room (if applicable). If off campus, please indicate location as appropriate. Location names are listed here. Center for Faith and Life, Main Hall
Sponsoring department or organization Use departments as listed in Faculty/Staff Directory p. 1. College Ministries or Music Department
Username of Contact Person Enter norse key of person to be contacted about this event. greeta02
Contact Department or Group Enter if different from "Sponsoring department or group." Campus Programming
URL for More Info Always add link, if there is a related page (including headlines). If multiple options, select page with most info.
Full Event Information Nicely formatted long description of event. (Include appropriate links.)

The college's annual Gospel Sunday service will be held at 10 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 17 in the CFL. The Reverend James Echols, editor of the Journal of Lutheran Ethic, will serve as guest preacher.

Music by Cathedral Choir, directed by Sandra Peter and Luther's Gospel Choir, directed by Brendon Adams. 

Keywords Leave blank N/A
Categories Select at least one category from "Main events page categories" list.* College Ministries
Audiences Select appropriate audiences for event.* All
Show or Hide? Select "Show" for completed events. Select "Hide" if event is pending and you don't want it to show in the events listing. NOTE: For internal events that should just be on Google Calendar, create the events only in Google Calendar.
Sharing Select "Share" to include on campus-wide calendar. This is for events that would be of interest to Luther community beyond your individual department.

*See below

Reason has two levels of categories. The first level is the main events calendar. These categories are:

  1. Admissions (visit days)
  2. Alumni
  3. Athletics
  4. College Ministries (chapel, youth conferences, concerts)
  5. General (academic calendar, misc., rec. sports, training, events not under other categories)
  6. Lectures/Presentations (science, acad., senior symposium)   
  7. Meetings (for future use for any campus meeting)
  8. Music (concerts, faculty & student recitals, SAC )
  9. Performing Arts & Exhibits (theatre & dance, center stage series)
  10. Student Sponsored Events (SAC dances, Flamingo ball, Marty’s, movie nights)
  11. Streaming (auto-generated from site-specific "Audio Streaming" and "Video Streaming" categories)

The second level of categories is at the individual site calendar level and is managed by the site owner.

Reason has a specific set of audience types for events. Please choose one or more based on the type of event:

  1. Students (current students, prospective students)
  2. Faculty (meetings, dev., training)
  3. Staff (meetings, dev., training)
  4. Alumni (events)
  5. General Public
  6. Families
  7. Prospective Students
  8. New Students

Cancelled Events
If an event is cancelled and the event is less than two weeks out, don’t delete the event. Rather, add “CANCELLED—“ at the beginning of the event title. This way, users don’t get confused. 

Google Maps
The web content team has created Google maps, which are available to attach to events. Please include a map for all events. If there is not a map that works for your event, enter a ticket to have it added:

It is appropriate and encouraged to include images with events. For consistency, please add the image to the event and do not embed images in the main event content. (NOTE: We are actively looking at ways to improve image placement, but for now please use standard format.)

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Admissions Events

Admissions events use the following naming conventions:

Event Type Format Example
Prospective Student Explore Luther: A First Look N/A
Accepted Student Destination Luther: Admitted Student Visit Day N/A
Other Events <Event Name> Scholar Recognition Day

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Athletics Events

The Athletics/Sports website has a customized events module. A few things to note about how athletics events are unique:

  • Each sport has its own calendar, so all events fit into the main “Athletics” category.
  • Events that are pulled to main calendar has <sport> programmatically added at the front. E.g. “Men's Tennis - Kalamazoo College”
  • When game/competition is over, Sports Information adds results in place of the time.
  • Games have a video or audio icon for live streaming.
  • Events should have a link to team website.

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Music Events

Music events use the following naming conventions:  

Event Type Format Example
Faculty Recital (1 person) Faculty Artist Series: <Name>, <Instrument> Faculty Artist Series: Karen Kanakis, Voice
Faculty Recital (2 people) Faculty Artist Series: <Name of Group> OR <Name1>/<Name2>, <Instrument1>/<Instrument2> Faculty Artist Series: Murasaki Duo, Cello/Piano
Junior Recital Jr. Recital: <Name>, <Instrument> Jr. Recital: Jane Doe, Piano
Senior Recital Sr. Recital: <Name>, <Instrument> Sr. Recital: Bob Smith, Cello
Student Recital (2 people) Student Recital: <Name1>/<Name2>, <Instrument1>/<Instrument2> Student Recital: Jane Doe/Bob Smith, Piano/Cello
Guest Recital Guest Recital: <Name>, <Instrument>, <Institution/Organization> Guest Recital: Kristine Kim, Cello, MTSU
Music Events <Event Name> Art Song Jamboree
Concerts <Group> Concert Symphony Orchestra Concert
Tour Concerts <Group> <Name of Tour> Concert: <City, ST> Nordic Choir East Coast Tour Concert: Naperville, Ill.
Tour Homecoming Concerts <Group> Tour Homecoming Concert Nordic Choir Tour Homecoming Concert
Off Campus Concert <Group> Off Campus Concert: <City, ST> Nordic Choir Off Campus Concert: Iowa City, IA
  • Faculty Recital (2 people): Most often these will be listed with the soloist first and the accompanist second (often piano), not alphabetically (as in the 2-person student recitals).
  • Junior Recitals: Junior Recitals will almost always be 2 people, so use style format for faculty recital (2 people).
  • Senior Recitals: Senior recitals will occasionally be two people. If so, use style format for faculty recital (2 people).
  • Student Recital (2 people): Names should be listed alphabetically by last name unless it is an established duo where one party is clearly the "soloist" and one is the "accompanist.”

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Visual and Performing Arts

Visual & Performing Arts events use the following naming conventions:

Event Type Format Example
Art Exhibits (1 guest artist) <Exhibit Name> (when provided): <Artist Name> (medium) Rebecca Kamm (art quilts)
Art Exhibits (1 student artist) <Exhibit Name>: Artist Name (medium) Percieve Ourselves Percieving: Robby Scott (acrylics, graphite)
Art Exhibits (group show) <Exhibit Name>: Artist Group (assorted mediums) Ultra Mega Mega: Luther Art Students (assorted mediums)
Art Exibits (curated) <Exhibit Name>: Curated by: XXX The School of Barbizon Prints Curated by Kate Elliott's fall class
Artist Talk Artist Talk: <Name of Talk> by <Name of Artist> (content) Artist Talk: 'New Photography' Odalis Valdivieso (photography)
Art Events for the Public <Name of Event>: Super Short Summary Empty Bowls Project: A Meal and Art Sale for Hunger Awareness
Art Events for Students <Name of Event>: Super Short Summary One For the Arts: Art Info and Free Smorez
Guest Lecture Guest Lecture: <Title of Lecture>, <Guest Name> Guest Lecture: Gerhard Marks Art History Lecture: Gabriel Weisberg
Theatre Performance Theatre Performance: <Title> Theatre Performance: On the Verge, or —The Geography of Yearning
Dance Performance Dance Performance: <Title> Dance Performance: A Tragedy Like Macbeth
  • Art Exhibits:  Include link to press release, artist website, or other related web content.
  • Theatre Performance: Include a description of the play/musical. Make sure people can easily get to box office.
  • Dance Performance: Include a description of the dance. Make sure people can easily get to box office.
  • Photo Credit (Art): "Title": Artist Name Photography Credit (if applicable).
  • Photo Credit (Performance): "Title of Performance" Photography Credit (if applicable).

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