Why Pursue Applied Leadership Studies?

What is Leadership?

Effective leadership is the application of guided skill, knowledge and strategic purpose, initiated to influence individuals, teams, communities and organizations toward goals of improvement. 

Leadership by academic definition is not connected to a specific discipline. Rather, the foundation of leadership education is based on the study of leadership theory and relevant methodology intended for application to many disciplines. The study of leadership provides learners with theoretical, practical, and personal understanding of skills and behaviors that enhance effective leadership.

Why Pursue the Applied Leadership Studies Minor at Luther?

The Applied Leadership Studies minor is aimed at advancing the leadership capacity of students through theoretical study and practical application.

The focus of this leadership minor is unique and different than the less structured, self-directed, service-learning model programs commonly seen in undergraduate offerings at other institutions. Rather, the distinctive brand of Applied Leadership Studies represented in this minor engages learners in prescriptive academic study grounded in experiential learning and relevant practice.

The Applied Leadership Studies minor at Luther sets itself apart through its clear, defined, and sequenced concentration of coursework. This minor exemplifies leadership application as a conceptual framework of knowledge, preparation, and ability gained through guided experience that prepares students with leadership capabilities that reflect confidence and purpose.