Members of the 2012 LUFDA squad pose for a team picture around a Luther College sign.

LUFDA has been around since 2003, when a young, amicable student by the name of Dave Curtis ('04) took it upon himself to plant the seeds of what would become one of the most successful club sports programs in Luther College's history.

Since its creation, LUFDA has grown to become a nationally recognized team. Despite being one of the newer ultimate programs on the scene and coming from a school many times smaller than many of their main competitors, LUFDA has made multiple appearances at the Division-I National Tournament, placing as high as 5th in 2012. Consistently finishing high in the West Plains Conference, LUFDA is always a force to be reckoned within the North Central Region.

LUFDA Appearances at Nationals

Just 6 years after its inception, LUFDA reached the National Tournament for the first time in 2009. Since then, LUFDA has made National Tournament appearances 3 more times, including their highest finish, 5th in 2012. LUFDA looks to carry on the legacy left from past seasons and continue to be one of the smallest schools represented in the Division-I National tournament.

Year Location Result
2019 College Station, Texas 7th*
2013 Madison, WI 13th
2012 Boulder, CO 5th
2011 Boulder, CO 12th
2009 Columbus, OH 11th


Recent Performances at Regionals

Despite including many dangerous teams, LUFDA is always a legitimate threat in the North Central region. Although it is difficult to advance to Nationals out of the talented North Central region, LUFDA has a strong history in the Regional Tournament.

Year Location Result
2019 Blaine, MN 3rd*
2018 Green Bay, WI 2nd
2017 Blaine, MN 5th
2016 Cedar Falls, IA 5th
2015 Oshkosh, WI 4th
2014 Hartland, WI 4th
2013 Cedar Falls, IA 3rd*
2012 Northfield, MN 3rd*
2011 Madison, WI 4th*
2010 Northfield, MN 7th
2009 Northfield, MN 3rd*
2008 Decorah, IA 7th
2007 Decorah, IA 9th
2006 Iowa City, IA 5th
2005 Northfield, MN 9th
2004 Whitewater, WI 8th

* includes bid to Nationals