Our program contains three movement courses. They teach that the body is a tool for ordinary and creative movement. Our students study relationship of self, other, and world. They build artistic vocabulary and intention.

Movement Fundamentals I Course Description:  

Movement Fundamentals I: Practices of Alignment and Function is an introductory movement course. It explores relationships between physical function and expression. No prerequisites.

Movement Fundamentals II Course Description:                                    

Movement Fundamentals II:  Practices of Range & Efficiency is an intermediate course designed to deepen technical practice.  This course refines individual movement patterns and sequences. Students study relationship with self, other, and environment. May be repeated twice. Prerequisite: Movement Fundamentals I or consent of instructor.

Movement Fundamentals III Course Description:

Movement Fundamentals III: Practices of Vocabulary and Intention is an advanced movement course. It focuses on solidifying performance skills. Students develop individual movement and creativity. Contemporary dance vocabulary builds through improvisation. May be repeated. Prerequisite: Movement Fundamentals II or consent of instructor

Movement Fundamentals—Liberating Practices for the Dance Artist, copyright Jane Hawley, 2001.

Luther now offers an Individualized Interdisciplinary major in Movement Fundamentals.

Certification in Movement Fundamentals is highly recommended with this specialized major. For information about becoming certified, visit the professional website.