Learning Goals

1)  Learn through sensory awareness, proprioception, and imagery.

2)  Know the body as an intelligent source for direction and information.

3)  Develop skills in observation, awareness, responsiveness, and expressiveness.

4)  Use all bodily systems to create balance and form.

5)  Use vocabulary of anatomy, spatial intent, movement dynamics, and elements of design.

6) Charge dance artists to discover what they feel is important.

7)  Help other dance artists in researching their own questions.

8) Understand that the Movement Fundamental principles can be practiced anywhere and at all times.

9) Train dance artists to be able to dance and create performance anywhere.

10) Embolden all body shapes, all ages, and all abilities with agency and refinement.

Movement Fundamentals—Liberating Practices for the Dance Artist, copyright Jane Hawley, 2001.