Fabian Pop Pop '17

Fabian Pop Pop '17

Majors: International Studies and Management

Why did you choose to study international studies?

I belong to a generation that is experiencing a more globalized and interconnected world. As society advances, we continue to create new challenges in our world. International studies gives me the tools to explore and better comprehend these events. I am also very passionate about the work that international organizations do. A major in international studies helps me learn more about the environment in which they work.

How do you feel Luther's international studies major stands out?

Luther encourages all students to study abroad before graduation. The international studies major requires its students to spend at least one semester abroad. This experience enables us to learn from experiences outside of the classroom. The Center for Global Learning also provides support to students through this process. This kind of support is unique. Also, the international studies major is interdisciplinary, so we get a more complete picture of the world. We take classes from departments including economics, anthropology, and history. Because the program doesn't focus on a specific discipline, we can better combine key knowledge from the variety of courses we take.

Where have you studied abroad?

I studied at the University of Economics Prague in the Czech Republic. My classes included international trade, European integration, international marketing communications, and entrepreneurship. Studying abroad is a life-changing experience. Through visiting several countries in my free time, I got to learn a lot about Eastern Europe. This experience helped me shape my post-graduation plans.

What do you hope to do with your degree after graduation?

I am from Guatemala, so being abroad has helped me learn more about my country. The classes I have taken at Luther have provided me with the knowledge to address some of the challenges currently affecting my country. My long-term plans are to return to Guatemala and become part of my country's government.

What experiences at Luther have been the most valuable?

Having talented professors and hardworking classmates inspire me a lot. The new ideas that people bring to class show our potential to always strive towards a better world. It is incredible to see how students are so passionate about issues that affect other countries.

Do you have inspiring stories of leadership or service to share?

My sophomore year, I founded a social business for women from northern Guatemala. This business targets women who have never held paid jobs before. The goal is to help women reduce malnutrition in their families and send their children to school. This personal project has been very successful. In April of my junior year, I received the Erdman Prize for Entrepreneurship at Luther.

What is one class that you would recommend all students take?

I would recommend all students take REL 250: Living Religions. The class provides a solid introduction to understanding religions found all around the world. These religions are essential, shaping how societies live and coexist. Understanding religion is one of many ways to understand different communities. This is essential in our diverse and globalized world.