A safe and uneventful arrival

After six hours spent on buses and seven on airplanes, we have arrived safely in Ecuador. There is a marked difference between the dry, cold winter of Decorah and the rainy warmth we were greeted within Quito. The locals are bundled up to weather the cold on this 48-degree night, but to us this is paradise.

Already we can see friendships forming, conversations happening among classmates while waiting to depart. Name circles have transpired, as have card circles.

We are staying at Hotel Casa Foch, an edifice of wrought iron, fine brickwork, arched glass windows, and wooden interiors. This will be our base whenever we return to Quito (on those days you can expect this blog to be updated).

Tomorrow our class begins in earnest. Stay tuned for another post before we depart for the Amazon on Friday morning.

We're safe!