Paideia 450: Hawaii

Luther Students Kristin Davis and Hannah Ward pose for a photo with the classroom they observed at Jefferson Elementary School.

Mahalo Hawaii

Our time in Hawaii has come to a close and as a group, we have gained so much! Our last days were filled with observing in the schools and presenting to our peers what we were able to see! All of us had vastly different experiences and enjoyed sharing them with our classmates.

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Luther students pose with Lee Tounouci and the Glass magazine, with his poems published inside.

Educational Diversity on the Islands

Aloha! It has been an eventful few days for the Hawaiian adventurers. We have been able to visit and tour several schools in the area, learning about their student population, curriculum, and various student opportunities. We are gearing up for our days observing in the numerous schools and learning first hand about their education structure!

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Luther faculty and students at the top of Makapu'u Point.

The Importance of Language

We have safely arrived in Honolulu and are enjoying getting to know this new city! In the past few days we have learned to dance the hula, participated in a fish pond restoration project, visited the Hawaii state capital building, and toured the Iolani Palace. 

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Luther Students Kristen Foster and Forrest Schrader present their findings on the music sung at the Hilo Boarding School.

Explorations in Traditional Hawaiian Education

It has been a busy few days for the group! We have learned about traditional Hawaiian education, presented our findings from the Hilo Boarding School archives, participated in a service project, and explored the town of Hilo. Tomorrow we will fly to Honolulu! 

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Luther Students hiking the Kilauea Iki trail.

Travels Across the Big Island

It has been an eventful few days for the group! We have traveled to Hawaii Volcano National Park and are now in Hilo for the next few days! 

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