Paideia 450: United Kingdom

Jessica and our ghost hunter guide

The Final Sprint!

Ashleigh and Becca get you all caught up on our last days in London and our brief stay in York!

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A bit of Sunday exploration: Becca and Makayla looking out over Trafalgar Square, with Big Ben in the distance

Responsibilities: "The Children" and "Wish List"

Kirsten and Meagan discuss The Children by Lucy Kirkwood and Wish List by Katherine Soper. These two plays are brand new productions, and they deal with some of the weightiest topics we've discussed so far. Have a look!

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Our group front and center at Shakespeare's Globe

Calling at the Globe

Addie and Ryan discuss our time at Shakespeare's Globe, as well as The Inspector Calls and Love's Labours Lost.

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Trafalgar Square, London

"All the World's a Stage..."

...and all the men and women merely players." As You Like It, William Shakespeare.

Meet the two "players" who'll keep you up to date on the adventures to be had in Paideia 450, English Theatre: Mirror of Society and the Human Condition.

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