Jamie Linert ‘17

Studied at Luther: Psychology and English majors,linguistics minor

1.  Why was it important to you to include a linguistics-oriented IIM or a Linguistics minor as part of your studies while you were at Luther?

My linguistics minor was the glue that held my two majors (Psychology and English) together. I knew I wanted to study the mind, and I knew I was fascinated with words and language. Linguistics scratched both itches at the same time and helped me narrow down what I wanted to study as a researcher. 

2.  What sort of occupation or professional activity are you engaged in now?

I'm a PhD student in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences at the University of Minnesota.

3.  In what ways has the knowledge you gained through studying linguistics contributed to how you engage with your current work and/or the world in general?

I study the cognition of language in people with language disabilities. I use what I learned in linguistics classes to design language studies and draw conclusions about how language works in the human mind.